Project Raygine #10 - and it rotates

Happy new year! I managed today to get the runtime working for the first time 🥳

But let's first look back at the year:

Github activity

I was fairly active last year, though I hope to improve this. Especially by being less sick.

That being said, Here's how the runtime is looking like:

Raygine playmode action: a sphere rotating around a cube

I can start the runtime now and it's showing the cube and sphere I set up. However, the sphere has a simple circling script that is making the sphere orbit the cube. It's very simple and basic, but this is one of my first milestones I wanted to reach. There were many problems that had to be solved to get to this point:

Anyway, I am happy that I got this far. Since I do this in my free time and I am not the tidiest person, lots of code is messy and made to cooperate by sheer willpower regardless the consequences.

What I am looking forward for (is not the cleanups), but the next steps:

The most important thing is now however working, and that should help me, to stay motivated. Hopefully, I am going to work on this continously and make progress during all of 2024.