Summary of last weeks

Nearly a full month has passed since my last blog post. Much has happened... I'll try to sum it up. But first, here's the current project state:

You may notice that there are no air planes any more. Instead, this is a clone (or the beginning of a clone) of the battle navigation puzzle from the game Puzzle Pirates.

How come?!

A friend of mine is working for the Solana Foundation and he's been trying to convince me for a while to try making a game that uses Solana in some way. About a year ago, I told him that I believe that the battle navigation game of Puzzle Pirates would be a good fit for a on-chain game: it's turn based, is pvp, and has a lot of strategy involved. So I thought, maybe I could give it a try to make such a game and see to what extend I can make it work on Solana. First I'd need to make the game of course.

Meanwhile, I don't want to drop my work on the engine. Instead I want to utilize it to improve it. There were now a lot of changes. Here's a list of it:

Next steps

I want to make the battle navigation work:

The first three points are pretty straight forward while for the last part, I'll have to come up with a way how to handle this. If I had Solana integration, moving this bit to the chain would make most sense, but I don't have this yet. I guess it's easier to use sockets for communication and setting up a relay server that handles the messaging between the players.

Regarding the engine development, this is right now secondary, though I have some immediate points I want to tackle more sooner than later:

Hopefully I'll have a bit more of a game to show next time. I'll try to keep the blog posts more frequent as well.