Project Dusk #9 - Update

Here's the latest (and almost unchanged build):

The last weeks were riddled with interuptions (sickness, vacation, work) and I didn't get much done. I have to admit that I currently lack some motivation to continue working. I am not good with game design and while I have plenty of ideas, the implementation is a different story - I tend to procastrinate and prioritizing other things. So I made some cosmetic changes, like the terrain beneath has now different layers, but this is really more an exploration of style. I find the creation of environment assets very entertaining, so I've spent quite some time with that. It's not really useful, but it's fun - and after all, this is a hobby project.

Nonetheless, I think I should try to push myself a little before I drop the project. The principles are working, creating one or two levels shouldn't freak me out (though it does). I am annoyed that I have no prefab editor, so everything is hard coded. Not pleasant, but this shouldn't be a show stopper.

I believe it may help to make some plans so I have something to work towards. Easy stuff first.

I think this is already more than enough. I should start with the graphics, as this is the most fun part. Having a viewer that can be used to create predefined combinations of parts would be really nice to have.