Project Dusk #6 - Testing scene graph webbuild 4

First of, the latest version - you can control it on touch screens now - tap with a 2nd finger to shoot!

There isn't much new, at least on the surface. The controls should work on mobile devices now.

I added trails - which are right now CPU based (and probably will remain so for the forseeable future). Another thing I did was to try to allow moving more configurations into the json file. It's a bit going into the direction of a programming language implementation: Like specifying what is to happen at a certain point in time. It's kinda working for now. I need to create some kind of level (or generator) to make this an actual game. I haven't spent much time thinking about it... the rough idea is to make it like a roguelike game, but with a plane. Flying through random stages and landing on air fields to refuel and repair. Maybe I need to flesh this out some more. Random level generation isn't going to be easy either - I think I should start of with something scripted (right now, I defined 4 plane spawn points in the json file) and maybe I'll spin off randomized events from there on.

Having trails now is visually helpful, but I will also need some kind of a particle system as well. I originally wanted to have both for visualizing damage levels of the plane. Once I have both systems working, I hope to be more motivated to make some actual content.

On a side note: I learned of PWAs (progressive web apps) because of the current situation of Apple vs EU regulations. So I looked into it and maybe I'll create one for this game for testing - then I have something runnable on iOS and Android without having to build actual apps (though the performance is not so great on my Android phone).

So, hopefully I'll find time next week for another update!

PS: Looks like the trail rendering on browser is bugged! Have to investigate that...

PPS: Fixed the obvious bugs and it looks OK now, though there's still a warning in the console, so IDK if this is working correctly on all devices...