Project Dusk #1 - Typing

I am restarting the Raygine project using "Dusk" as new project name.

Since the Lua driven approach is not delivering enough performance in the browser, the engine needs to do more on the native side. This is such a fundamental change that I don't see sense in continuing work on the editor. Unless I find a silver bullet to run Lua in the browser fast enough. Parity with the Desktop LuaJIT performance is most probably not possible. Running 4x slower than that would be ok. A factor of 10x would already be a concern. Anything above that is not acceptable. One thing left to try is Luau. It's a Lua runtime that is supposed to be faster than standard Lua albeit not as fast as LuaJIT. But it provides optional additional typing, which is something I would actually appreciate. I haven't found benchmark numbers though, so it looks like I need to do this myself:

Not something I am eagerly executing; I am still new to setup emscripten projects and Luau is quite a bit bigger than Lua alone. I have to figure out which parts are required for the browser build and which parts are not.

Anyway, that's one of my work tasks I have on my todo list. In any case, a low level rewrite is high on my priority list. Which brings me to ...


When I started work on Raygine, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, the cornerstones being

I would say this was always my focus and I will keep those goals. Runtime efficiency is now however also on the list as it shows that it is important. Therefore I am adding now these points to the list:

This is quite a challenge. I have to start low level and work my way up.


The most fundamental aspect to my goals is having a proper type system of objects that can be serialized and deserialized. This is the first thing I need to get working. There are again some key features I desire to have:

I may also have to look into garbage collection, but this is secondary now.

I also considered using Lua as a type system since it brings lots of features to the table already - but the seamless C integration part is an issue here I wouldn't know how to overcome. Sure, userdata values could be mapped on structs, but then I have the problem again that the user can at runtime create new types.

So I am looking into a dynamically managed type system using plain C. The reason I am aiming for C is that after toying around with C++, its existing complexity when it comes to dealing with classes and class members and so on is daunting and I fear it's even in the way to achieve a dynamic runtime type system.

One merit of this idea is, that types can be stored efficiently, even when created through the Lua interface.

Anyway, I currently don't have anything to show, so it's all just ideas and considerations. But that's where I am right now.