Project Raygine #17

I lost a bit of steam the recent days. I am being overwhelmed by a multitude of open ends in all places of the editor. I tend to drop projects after 1-2 months, so this is sadly normal for me. However, I don't want to drop this project. It's really nice to have a game editor of my own, even if it's very rough around the corners.

The last days, I primarily worked on smaller issues and improvements; I started integrating undo actions (and to my suprise, it actually works), but it needs to be integrated manually in every corner of the code where data is being manipulated, which makes it a bit tedious to do.

One thing I spent considerable time on is to make the transform editing a bit more flexible; In most systems, the tools allow only to edit the local position, rotation and scaling, but I always find that annoying in case I want to move an object along a global axis or even along a custom axis. So I added a few options to the transform tool to allow this:

Raygine editor gif showing the transform tool with different coordinate systems

The GIF shows, how the transform component view in the inspector can be configured to utilize different coordinate systems.

While all these tasks useful, I find it not very motivating. I want to use the editor for something, not just editing specific features of it.

One thing that's on my MVP list is, making builds that run in browser. I know that raylib can be compiled with emscripten, so in theory it should work - in case I can also get Lua working. Since I use LuaJIT, this may not work out of the box, in which case I would need to fall back to using Lua 5.1.4, which should be largely compatible with LuaJIT. It would already be better if the unjitted version of LuaJIT could be compiled... Anyway, that's something I think I could find inspiring, so I will detour a bit and try to get some emscripten builds working. I'll see how that goes. It would be really nice if I could put builds on this website for showcasing stuff. That's certainly something that motivates me.