Ocean Conquest released!

We released a new game on the play store: Ocean Conquest!

Ocean Conquest makes you Lord of your own kingdom.

Expand your territory by invading islands across the vast ocean.

Use as few attacks as you can to gather as much wealth as possible.

If your riches are great enough you might reach the top of the high score list.

Ocean Conquest combines simple, challenging and addictive strategic gameplay with beautiful graphics to immerse you in your medieval kingdom.

It is similar to match-3 games and other brain teasers such as Flood It, Tetris, Diamond Dash, Triple Town, Plumber, Jewels, Dominoes and Puzzle.

Played through!

I just checked the statistics of Recombustor what the highest reached stage in the game was and saw that on 10th May, someone reached stage 20, the final stage of the game. This happened only once so far, but whatever: Congratulations :D !

March report

March went well – there’s a continuously stable increase of income. It’s not taking off but it gets into a “usable” range – which means it starts covering my monthly costs for this server, domains etc.

  • Number of downloads: 9.413 (+4624)
  • Installation count: 3.275 1924 (+1351)
  • Number of ratings: 42 25 (+17)
  • 5 stars: 28 (+9)
  • 4 stars: 9 (+4)
  • 3 stars: 4 (+3)
  • Average: 4.5 (-0.2)


  • Admob: 66.26$ 28.50$ (+37.76$)
  • eCPM: $0.39 (+0.05)
  • Requests: 172.441 (+87.941)
  • Impressions: 172.061 (+87,561
  • CTR: 1.05 (+0.1%)

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January 2012 Report

Installations per day in January

Again: Facts first

  • Number of downloads: 1288 (+1214)
  • Installation count: 438 (+385)
  • Number of ratings: 18 (+5)
  • 5 stars: 14 (+4)
  • 4 stars: 4 (+1)
  • Average: 4.8 (+0)

Marketing budget (total): 90$

Major changes:

  • Tablet version
  • Google analytics
  • Admobs integration


  • Admob: 5.33$ (+5.33$)

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Recombustor 1.11 released!

I just released the latest version of my game: It’s a major upgrade for tablet users mostly but it also improves the visual appearance on handsets with higher resolutions. The previous artwork targeted screens with 480×320 sizes and that doesn’t scale so well…

Here’s a screenshot from my tablet:

It’s pretty huge and it feels really much better now (click on the image for full resolution).


Recombustor goes tablet!

I am now an owner of a Android tablet and I couldn’t stand the low resolution of my game and the layout troubles it had in the menus. So I fixed most of the issues now and doubled the texture sizes. it’s looking now really damn sharp on my Asus Transformer Tablet. I’ll have to do some further cleanups now – like fixing some issues with the analytics tracking and then it should be ready to be updated on the market. Shouldn’t take too long till it’s ready! (of course, the installation will need a lot more space – probably 1.4-1.5 MB… so about 80% more or so. But I think it’s still small compared with other games ;)

Game jam fun: Hockey game

After working for months on a single game, I set the goal this year to try the opposite and make more games in short time. I’ve picked now an easy game to start: An air hockey game that is to be played by two players on one device – using their own zones. There are plenty of air hockey games on the market already so I doubt to have any more luck, but it’s more the lesson to make a game quickly instead of making something really unique.

So right now, I’ve set up the rendering pipeline and processing the multi touch events. The physics are now also working (home brew) and the puck is now bouncing back and forth accordingly. I’ll have to make the goals now, so the puck can leave the screen next to adding some more graphics. Then some menus to start / pause the game, adding a score counter and that’s should it be. I hope to finish it this or next week sometime.

Recombustor download numbers

Installation graph of recombustor

It’s 2012 now and I am going to release the few numbers I have of my game downloads. Simple facts first:

  • Number of downloads: 74
  • Installation count: 53
  • Number of ratings: 13
  • 5 Stars: 10
  • 4 Stars: 3
  • Average: 4.8
  • Days on the market: 15
  • Marketing budged: 50 US$
    • Admob campaign running for 3 days so far

    If you are interested in the details, read on…

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