Asteroids Progress Log 1

I've continued working a bit on the Asteroids game while redoing the blog!

The game has now a proper start screen, a pause screen and when all asteroids are destroyed, the next level starts. Also, there's now a threat level bar on the right which displays the number of asteroids flying around. On the left there's a shield energy meter that decreases each time when the ship hits an asteroid. The asteroid and the ship get repulsed then.

Missing stuff:

  • There's right now no level counting or level difficulty increases
  • No score tracking or displaying
  • No death by asteroids (with explosion)
  • No finish screen

Memory isn't an issue right now. I use 24kb of the flash memory and 1.3kb of RAM. For what's left to do, that's more than enough.

However, I had a small realization when doing the graphic artwork that I wasn't aware of that sharply: An 256x128 image with 8bit color depth is the entire flash memory that's available. I stumbled over that when resizing my tileset image a bit. It looks like this right now (3x magnified):

Once the game is complete, I want to make the ship turning smoother by mirroring the ship sprites vertically and having 8 images for half a turn. Shooting works already with 16 directions.

Tue, 21 April, 2015