Activity Status

The Kerbal Space Program 1.0 Release threw be back a bit because I played that game a bit more than I should have...

But it's nice to see others working on games too - apparently someone is working on a racing game, I am curious what more is about to come!

Apart from that, I have ordered my 3D design for a case for the TinyDuino:

However, there have been problems with the production and I had to tweak sizes several times to meet the criterias. It's still not printed and I have to wait at least for three more weeks until I can unpack the parts (and see how it's not working - I strongly doubt that my first prototype will work out of the box).

I am also currently exploring the possibility to run my games in my windows environment by emulating certain interfaces. This way I can compile and run the code quicker before testing it on the TinyDuino:

... but right now, it's just an eperiment.

Sun, 03 May, 2015