The TinyDuino platform by Tiny-Circuits is an Arduino compatible system.

Core specs:

  • Atmega328P processor
    • 8MHz frequency
    • 32KB Flash (memory where the program is uploaded to)
    • 2KB RAM
    • 1KB EEPROM (persistent memory for application)
  • Powered with Lithium battery
  • Programmed with Arduino IDE using C/C++
  • Datasheet

The shields that I use are:

  • TinyShield USB
    • Used to load battery and program the processor
    • Top Mount model: In case you want to buy one for your own game kit, be aware that there's a side-mount and a top-mount shield.
  • TinyScreen
    • 96x64 resolution
    • 8bit or 16bit color resolution
    • Datasheet
  • Tinyshield Joystick
    • Two Analog Joysticks, 10-bit ADC reading for each axis of each joystick returned
    • Two discrete pushbuttons

These shields were part my backer reward of a kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the TinyScreen.